50 Blaze Pizza Openings

In September 2018, Rachel Albritton, Founder of Paperboy Public Relations, opened her 50thBlaze Fast Fire’d Pizza restaurant.

When the Millennial Restaurant Group, a team of seasoned Louisville-based restaurateurs, decided to franchise a fast-casual pizza concept out of California in 2014, they needed to make a splash on a local level. Rachel worked alongside the franchise group to organize a strategic PR campaign to introduce Blaze Fast Fire’d Pizza to the Louisville market. The news of the exciting and innovative pizza concept was leaked to local media for months leading up to the opening, and then a full week of media opening events was coordinated.  The result of the first Louisville Blaze Pizza opening was a huge success garnering over 20 media hits, including all four local TV stations, the major business publication, and a variety of business, lifestyle and food blogs.

Since that first Louisville opening in June 2014, Rachel has assisted numerous Blaze Pizza franchise groups in the successful opening of 50 Blaze Pizza restaurants, in states all over the country. Opening activities include: a media sneak peek, a ribbon-cutting event, coordination of street teams (coupon canvassers to local businesses), guidance on marketing and advertising items, and a Free Pizza Day event - the most newsworthy event of the week - during which free pizzas are given away all day to Blaze Pizza guests.

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