Attention Communications Professionals: Time to Offer Up Your Talent!

As communications professionals, it’s more important than ever to donate your time and talent to organizations in need. As our physical worlds have gotten smaller, and with the impacts of COVID-19 still threatening our communities, many organizations are moving the bulk of their communications online. 

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PBPR Offering Black Creator Industry Sponsorships

While there is much work to be done to address systemic racism on a global scale, it is important that individuals also work to support equality and improve diversity within their own circles. Paperboy PR has committed to sponsoring eight AAF-Louisville memberships to Black communicators, creatives, freelancers, students, or other professionals in the industry.

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AAF COVID-19 PSA Challenge: Make Your Mark

When AAF-Louisville announced its COVID-19 PSA Challenge, we knew we wanted to do something special to highlight safety recommendations as well as how each of us can do our part to slow the spread of this virus. The theme was “Now’s the time to make your mark on history” which is supported with images of famous and recognizable paintings.

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COVID-19: Now’s the Time to Commit a PR Faux Pas

Even with my decade of experience in crisis communications, I could not have predicted the way this global pandemic would affect the way we communicate in such a short time. ‍There is no public relations playbook for an event of this magnitude. Committing “PR faux pas” may be the key to helping communicators better reach their audiences.

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Q&A: Paperboy PR Talks About Doing Public Relations the Right Way

Rachel Bledsoe Albritton founded Paperboy PR last year after working at several public relations firms. Based in Louisville, Paperboy PR is a strategic public relations, public affairs and communications firm that specializes in consumer-facing PR and serves clients in six states. We asked Bledsoe Albritton a few questions about today’s PR culture.

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