Blaze Pizza "Pi Day" 2018

For the 4th year in a row, Rachel helped Blaze Pizza celebrate the most mathematical day of the year – Pi Day. Every year on March 14, Blaze Pizza offers guests custom-built, artisanal pizzas for only $3.14 – a fraction of the normal price. While it isn’t rocket science, it did take strategic thinking to find innovative ways to inform hungry customers about Blaze’s Pi Day promotion.


This year, Rachel has worked alongside several franchise groups to launch a Pi Day public relations campaign for over 30 Blaze Pizza locations across 14 media markets. Local media in areas of Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida, Virginia and Michigan were engaged to secure coverage of Blaze’s Pi Day promotion in high-visibility outlets.


At the end of a very successful event, over 30 news stories were secured in a variety of outlets including television, radio, daily newspapers, student newspapers, blogs and other online outlets. One of the markets Paperboy supported, Gainesville, FL, received the Most Pizzas Sold on Pi Day Award and in total, 32,596 pizzas were sold at locations where Paperboy PR helped spread the word – that’s a lot of “pi”!

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